I'm a modern geek......which means I like almost everything, including sports. There's nothing out there in the world today that you can't be a geek about, really. 

I grew up playing with Legos and video games and then my grandma got me into Star Wars when I was eight. Then one day I saw spaceships on TV and that got me into Star Trek. Superheroes and movies would follow, but I always loved baseball too, until hockey and football became my favorite sports as a teenager. 

As I got older, I saw how geeks were supposed to fit into these nice and neat little groups that liked certain things and not other things. If you liked Star Wars you didn't like Star Trek and vice versa. If you like DC then you don't like Marvel and vice versa. That's a load of crap, I love it all and it's all awesome. 

I'm open-minded too, so I don't hate reboots or remakes, I'm not stingy on comic-book or novel adaptations and my childhood has never been ruined. Not once. Even by Michael Bay. 

These are my thoughts on the world at large for a modern geek. SPOILER ALERT: I've come a long way from getting teased for having a Star Trek Encyclopedia. It's a great time to be a geek. 


Profile picture taken by Travis Carte.